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Dr. Myron Brown

Dr. Myron Brown

You Need Chiropractic
Yes, you really do need chiropractic and it can help more than you think!

Family Adjusting Suite
Our Spacious Family Adjusting Suite (Please click to enlarge)

Why?  Because chiropractic brings out the best in you and all your family members.  Our website is called, “You Need Chiropractic,” yet you may wonder how we can be so sure.  Simple - everyone is better off with a good nerve supply and that's where chiropractic helps.  Our body has a network of nerves to carry vital information from the brain to every other part.  A precise adjustment helps rid our body of interference in this essential life-sustaining communication network.

Are you wondering if chiropractic is right for you?  Is Dr. Brown the right chiropractor for you?  Here's your invitation to get these questions answered: Click here for details and a first visit certificate.

You may have sought chiropractic care because something didn’t feel right, but a precise chiropractic adjustment is much more than pain relief or a treatment for pain.  Many times people tell us that the adjustment makes them feel much better, but it does so much more.

Family chiropractic care can be a life changing experience because people of all ages function better with a good nerve supply.  Chiropractic corrects nerve interference allowing babies, children, adults and elderly to perform at their best.

Dr. Brown — Committed to providing professional care to you and your family, Dr. Brown uniquely provides gentle, precise adjustments based upon your individual clinical needs.

With more than 25 years of practice and teaching experience, Dr. Brown has a proven track record of successful, practical methods.  His expertise includes precision upper cervical analysis and adjusting, and he is also equipped to provide specific full spine care.

Vertebral subluxation — When a chiropractor performs a spinal adjustment, it is done to correct a vertebral subluxation.  What makes subluxations so bad is that a misaligned vertebra can insult the very

Child receiving an adustment
Caring makes a difference
nerves they are intended to protect.

Adjustment — The correction of a subluxation is called, an adjustment.  It’s that gentle, precise realignment your chiropractor introduces to the vertebra.  But what it really means is a world of change for the better within your body because nerve interference
Open family adjusting suite with state of the art equipment
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is eliminated.

Our mission:  To strive to bring the highest quality chiropractic care to people of all ages.

Precise spinal analysis
Precise spinal analysis

Our Values:

Precise — The highest quality in chiropractic means a precise vertebral subluxation correction service.

Gentle — Chiropractic done right is far more exacting than most people think.  The exact adjustment on the specific vertebra, at the right point on that vertebra and at the right time can be a life-changing experience.

Meticulous — Monitoring a person’s spine properly to know just when, where and how much to adjust is important.  We use state-of-the art equipment to be able to know when our adjustments are successful.

Affordable — We are committed to making the best of chiropractic available to the community.  You are free to choose between a regular and a cooperative fee system depending upon which is best for you.

No insurance required in our practice where there are no financial barriers; and people wishing to use their insurance are still able to use it.

Open — Your health care should be a comforting experience.  Our family adjusting suite is a reflection of our approach.  No closed doors or intimidating, uncomfortable cubicles.

Precision chiropractic care
Precise, gentle, effective
Children need chiropractic care
Kids growing up under chiropractic care have a distinct advantage







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