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Rock Hill, SC - November 02, 2017 — Our office has just been notified that we were selected for the 2017 Rock Hill Small Business Excellence Award in the Chiropractors classification by the Rock Hill Small Business Excellence Award Program.

Various sources of information were gathered and analyzed to choose the winners in each category. The 2017 Rock Hill Small Business Excellence Award Program focuses on quality, not quantity. Winners are determined based on the information gathered both internally by the Rock Hill Small Business Excellence Award Program and data provided by third parties.About the Rock Hill Small Business Excellence Awards Program

 The Rock Hill Small Business Excellence Awards recognizes outstanding small businesses that serve the Rock Hill area. Each year, our selection committee identifies businesses that we believe have achieved outstanding success in their local community and business classification.

 Recognition is given to those organizations that have shown the ability to use their best practices and implemented programs to generate long-term value. These are small businesses that enhance the positive image of small business through service to our community. These exceptional concerns help make the Rock Hill area a vibrant and vital place to live.

 The Rock Hill Small Business Excellence Awards was established to reward the best of small businesses in Rock Hill. Our organization works exclusively with local business owners, trade groups, and professional associations. Our mission is to award the small business community’s contributions to the U.S. economy.

 SOURCE: Rock Hill Small Business Excellence Award Program.  CONTACT: Rock Hill Small Business Excellence Award Program.

Chiropractor's presentation in Rock Hill

On September 16th Dr. Brown provided a lecture for South Carolina doctors receiving continuing education credit in Rock Hill.

The Palmetto State Chiropractic Association invited Dr. Brown to present a two-hour workshop on The Mental Impulse.

Dr. Myron Brown speaking before a meeting of
The Palmetto State Chiropractic Association

The lecture included a review of the philosophy and science related to the transmission of information over the body's nerve system. The evening presentation was preceded by a dinner social and was attended by chiropractors from around the state.

Trailer released for new documentary

Few people understand just how important an adjustment really is.  A soon to be released documentary reports about this essence of a profession just coming into its own, CHIROPRACTIC: The Documentary.

The Truth About Vaccines Docu-series

Can truth be found in the mass immunization controversy?

The controversy about the safety and effectiveness of vaccines seems to be as divisive as a Donald Trump tweet. People have emotionally lined up on both sides of the issue, ready to pummel dissenters.

Although chiropractic does not take a side on this issue, people need to have information in order to make good judgements for themselves and their families. Unfortunately the matter is tied to big money, and whether the vaccines are given out for “free” through tax-payer supported agencies, covered by insurance, or paid for directly, when megabucks are involved it makes unvarnished facts hard to come by.

As stated above, the issue has nothing to do with chiropractic, and the only reason that I say anything about it is that there seems to be such a push to force people to get with the program that it pushes my skeptical button. When scare tactics and intimidation take the place of good scientific rationale, then it’s time to look behind the curtain. No, I don’t have any advice on the issue, except for this, become knowledgeable before making any decisions because your child’s health is a stake. We know that there’s lots of marketing in favor of getting vaccinations, but it seems like parents are almost on their own if they dare question it. Here’s a documentary that provides some of the information you won’t see advertised by the pharmaceutical industry: 

Dr. Phil praises chiropractic

It's not unusual for super-star athletes, authors and politicians to publicly praise the results they get with chiropractic care.  Nevertheless, chiropractic has had very little coverage in the media.  Here's a well-known TV personality heaping unconditional praise for the benefits of chiropractic.  Dr. Phil made these statements on a broadcast of his popular TV show. On this week’s show Dr. Phil welcomed the president of a chiropractic college who was there promoting his new book. Dr. Phil had many positive things to say about his experiences as a chiropractic patient. Dr. Phil shared with his viewers just how chiropractic has helped him and his wife mentally, physically and spiritually and has stated that, “I’m a big believer in chiropractic…” To hear it from Dr. Phil please click:

Back to School, It's an Adjustment!

Back to school time is upon us.  The children will soon return to their routine, teachers are getting ready for their return and we parents are working hard to prepare our children to get the most out of their education by getting the clothes, shoes, backpacks and school supplies, and the like. 
We know that they also need to be ready physically, to learn and perform at their highest level.  That’s why a visit to the chiropractor is so important at this time of year.  A spinal adjustment is one of the few things that enhance kid’s health naturally and its fun for them to go see the chiropractor.

If your kids haven't been checked by the chiropractor yet before returning to school, don't worry. It's not too late for the kids to get checked and adjusted if they need it.

As a service to our practice members we are offering a free visit to the chiropractor on Saturday morning, August 13th for school-age children.

Take advantage of this special opportunity by calling us at 366-8100 and ask for an appointment for your child for their free back to school visit on Saturday morning.

University cross country athlete credits chiropractic

Laura Staples, a member of the Rider University Cross-Country Team has learned that chiropractic adjustments help to improve performance.  Her article, "Running on Chiropractic" was just published in the magazine New Jersey Life Health and Beauty Magazine (to read the complete article click here). In the article Staples elaborates on her experience as a successful athlete and the challenges of summertime training. She stressed the importance of chiropractic adjustments, I found chiropractic care really made the difference in staying healthy and injury free."

Stepping Out of the Health Care Crisis

Sterling House on Ebenezer Rd. in Rock Hill invited Dr. Brown to speak to their "Lunch & Learn" group on Tuesday afternoon, April 12th.  His topic, "Stepping Out of the Health Care Crisis" as an hour long presentation on safety, performance and the health care crisis.  This presentation included a special focus on how individuals can "step out" of the health care crisis while becoming healthier for it.

Dr. Brown welcomes outside speaking invitations and he is happy to accept invitations to speak before your local groups or organizations without charge. To see a list of topics tha he has recently presented please click this link:

Safety Presentation for City Employees

On Wednesday morning Dr. Brown gave presentations on performance & safety to groups of employees of the City of Rock Hill.  Held in two sessions to accommodate both groups, the presentations focused on preventing injuries.  A study of the costs and other impacts of injuries reveals that the leading experts in the field all seem to agree that the best way to avoid injury is to begin with a healthy body, because weakened individuals are far more prone to injury.

This reality led us to a discussion of the importance of adjustments, beginning in early childhood.

Building a strong healthy body is no accident (pun intended); it’s built by living a healthy lifestyle, which begins in infancy.  This is why we often encourage pregnant women to get regular adjustments during pregnancy and after the baby is born to make a stop here at the chiropractor their first stop on the way home.  That way the new mom can get her adjustment after doing some of the hardest work of her life, and of equal importance, we can check the new baby for subluxations.  It's not uncommon for the delicate neck of a baby to be subluxated by the forces put on the baby's head and neck during the birth process.  There's no better time to get it checked than right away.  Unfortunately obstetricians and pediatricians lack the training to evaluate the baby for vertebral subluxation, so it's important for new parents to learn this and bring the baby in as soon as possible.

A Free Public Service: we welcome speaking invitations and will accept invitations to speak before your group or organization without charge.  To see a list of topics that D. Brown has recently presented before other groups, please click the link below:

Pioneering a profession in Argentina

What comes to mind when we think about health?  Some people might think about the things we do to stay healthy, like exercise, eating right, good hygiene, adequate rest and the like.  Others think less about what they do individually to be healthy and their thoughts go directly to "health care", which is generally focused on medical practice.  Which one did you think of first?  Answering this question reveals much because if you thought first about the steps you take to live healthfully, then you have identified yourself as one who is actively involved in assuring the health of your family.  Not surprising is the fact that most people respond to the question the other way.  More commonly people rank health next to doctors, nurses, pharmacies, hospitals and the like (but the curious thing is that those relate more to sickness than to health).  This deeply ingrained tendency of the majority is reinforced in part due to experiences we or some family member have had with failing health and even more so by constant, massive media exposures.  We also know that the health care crisis in America is getting worse, not better (this may be why thousands of us seek more natural alternatives).  Nevertheless, the heaviest adverting on radio and television involves the sale of medicines and related promotion of medical practice.  It has been said that American children have been exposed to thousands of hours of drug advertising before they enter kindergarten.  We know that this aggressive selling is not new, nor is the medical profession with its 5,000 year history.

With this perspective in mind, the chiropractic profession stands in sharp contrast.  Only about 100 years old, it is remarkable to observe that chiropractic has quickly become the world’s largest drugless healing art.  But the great advancement wasn’t just because it avoids drugs and surgery; it was because of the results in patients. It is a particularly noteworthy fact that the chiropractic profession was born in the United States of America.  Chiropractic is destined to go down in history as one of those great innovations, born in the USA.  Having faced and overcome fierce opposition from political medicine for most of that time, the chiropractic profession today is well-known and respected by Americans.  Today enlightened physicians often refer patients to chiropractors they trust.  But this is not yet true in all parts of the world.  In many countries chiropractic is still very new.

In some foreign countries chiropractic is a mainstream profession with accredited colleges and universities, research programs and licensure for graduates.  Meanwhile, in other places chiropractic does not yet exist as a distinct profession.  This is especially true south of our borders.  Very few people in Central and South America enjoy the benefits of chiropractic care and in some countries the profession is still under attack, just as it was here in the early years.  

History tends to repeat and in the health sciences new innovations have always been greeted with skepticism and often with hostility.  In the early 1900’s doctors who washed their hands before touching patients faced ridicule and antagonism from their peers.   These same attitudes have surfaced as chiropractic has advanced in this country and others.  However, there have been some bright spots, too.  One success story is unfolding right now in South America where a group of Argentinean health care professionals have been working diligently to bring chiropractic to their country.  For more than ten years they have been studying chiropractic, organizing a professional association and providing educational seminars.  The leading individuals have eliminated everything from their practices except for chiropractic.  Now these practitioners are teaching their patients about the benefits of chiropractic for better health and why whole families should receive care.  

Left to Right:  Dr. Liam Schubel (Peru); Dr. Brian Kelly (New Zealand); Dr. Myron Brown (USA); and Lic. Maria Ramonda (Argentina) presented a Dec. 12-14 seminar on chiropractic principles and practice in Cordoba, Argentina.

Education has been the major thrust of the plan that is now bringing chiropractic care to the people of Argentina.  Post-graduate seminars have been held regularly by the country’s national chiropractic association, Asociación Quiropráctica Argentina (AQA).  To develop the profession in Argentina, the AQA has been hosting doctors of chiropractic from the U.S. and elsewhere to teach there.  Now a major milestone has been achieved as a partnership between the Argentine chiropractors and an accredited university has created the first chiropractic program at a university in Argentina.

Serving as an honorary director, Dr. Myron Brown assisted the Argentinean chiropractors in developing the curriculum.  The pioneer class of graduates received their “Diplomatura in Chiropractic” on December 13, 2008.  The Diplomatura represents six months of intense post-graduate study.  To be eligible to enter the program at the University leading to the Diplomatura in Chiropractic, a student must be a licensed health care provider who has documented at least an additional 600 hours of study in chiropractic and passed a special proficiency exam in specific chiropractic subjects.  The proficiency exam is given under the auspices of the International Agency for Chiropractic Evaluation (IACE).  The IACE tests practitioners in spinal anatomy, x-ray, instrumentation, case management and philosophy of chiropractic.

20 graduates receive their Diplomatura in Chiropractic from representatives of Universidad Empresarial Siglo 21, Dr. Brown and Foundation officers.


When asked to describe the occasion, Dr. Brown said, “The AQA members have demonstrated great enthusiasm for bringing chiropractic services to the people of Argentina.  The graduation was formal but the celebration following was a spirited event.  These people are very conscious of the fact that they are making history.  They are capable and determined and I am proud to have played a small role in helping to make it happen.”

Having achieved this important phase of the process in pioneering a profession, the next phases will involve establishing a formal education career path for people to enter the profession.  After the education career is well established, recognition by the government of the country will be within reach.  These steps are anticipated to assure that the highest quality vertebral subluxation correction service will become routinely available to all persons in Argentina.  For more information about chiropractic in Argentina or studying chiropractic in Argentina, please click:

Posing for this photo immediately after the graduation ceremony; the faces of these graduates reveal their joy at having achieved this historic milestone.


Project Connect for the Homeless

The Catawba Area Coalition for the Homeless and a number of related area agencies including the United Way are hosting another Project Connect for area homeless persons on January 29th at the Emmett Scott Center (801 Crawford Road) in Rock Hill.

The event features a voluntary community outreach providing information and an array of services to the homeless.  Over the past couple of years, this event has helped over 450 clients with much needed services like haircuts, chiropractic care, clothing, medical screenings and food.  We are pleased to continue this important service, which runs from 8:30 a.m. until 1:00 p.m.  Dr. Brown is on the board of the Catawba Area Coalition for the Homeless and he along with Rock Hill colleague, Dr. Rhonda Werner will be at Project Connect providing chiropractic care without charge to those attending the event.

Photos and details in Dr. Brown's weBlog

Dr. Brown's recent international travel schedule has been busy having taught seminars in Argentina, Peru and Japan during the past year.  A trip to Japan in the fall was both academic and unique as the Brown's were accompanied by Dr. and Mrs. Joe Strauss, of Levittown, Pennsylvania and Dr. Perry Rush of Inman, SC.  The seminar held in Tokyo, Japan was presented to more than 80 Japanese doctors.

The seminar consisted of chiropractic technique, principles and practice, as well as the philosophy and history of chiropractic.  Dr. Perry Rush taught a section on Blair Technique, a precise upper cervical method.  Dr. Joe Strauss, a prominent author and teacher of chiropractic philosophy presented a workshop on evolving the philosophic tenets of the profession.  Dr. Brown's presentations were about the philosophy and history of the chiropractic profession.

Panel discussion at conclusion of seminar




L to R: Dr. Masashi Shiokawa holds the microphone during panel discussion; Dr. Perry Rush, Dr. Joe Strauss, Dr. Myron Brown; Dr. Mitsu Shiokawa, President of the Shiokawa School (standing) translates questions for the panel.




Below:  Myron and Charlene Brown are honored with a special recognition during a party after the seminar.                                               


As the seminar weekend drew to a close our hosts took us on a relaxing trip to their summer home near Mt. Fuji, pictured in the background.

Dr. Brown had lectured in Japan on several occasions previously, but generally he just teaches his program and returns home immediately.  This time was special as he and Charlene and their friends scheduled several extra days to relax and see some of Japan.











"Your Family Health Forum" held on October 2nd.

“Stepping Out of the Health Care Crisis” was the theme of this free event held at "The Body, A Church for Anybody."  Since our first forum last fall, the event has expanded to now include 10 co-sponsoring organizations including Health Choices Herb Shop; Anytime Fitness; Shiland Dentistry; Carolina Community Maternity Center; Diane Lichti Massage Therapy; The Body; Werner Family Chiropractic; Stewart Family Chiropractic; and Dr. Myron Brown.
Dr. Rhonda Wener was the Master of Ceremonies and the special presentation, “Stepping Out of the Health Care Crisis,” featured Dr. Felicia Stewart and Dr. Myron Brown.  It was followed by demonstrations, refreshments, prizes and visits with the health care professionals on hand.

Saturday, October 2nd
9:30 a.m.—11:00 a.m.  at “The Body”  Dr. Brown speaks at Family Health Forum
2115 Ebenezer Road, Rock Hill, SC 29732

  • Meet the doctors (a special opportunity to sip coffee and visit with health care professionals)
  • Free Health Screenings
  • Natural Health Information
  • Child care provided free
  • Free Refreshments
  • Giveaways and door prizes
  • Family’s welcome: a relaxing, informative hour

Informative and Fun Event

Back to School - Time for an adjustment

Back to school time is upon us.  The kids are falling into their routine, teachers have gotten ready for their return and we parents have worked hard to prepare our children to get the most out of their education by getting the clothes, shoes, backpacks and school supplies, and the like. 
We know that they also need to be ready physically, to learn and perform at their highest level.  That’s why a visit to the chiropractor is so important at this time of year.  A spinal adjustment is one of the few things that enhances kid’s health naturally and its fun for them to go see the chiropractor.
If your kids haven't been checked by the chiropractor before returning to school, don't worry.  It's not too late for the kids to get checked and adjusted if they need it.

"Back to School" Saturday Morning.  On August 21st, as a community service we offered a Saturday morning "visit to the chiropractor."  School-age kids were given the opportunity for a back to school chiropractic spinal exam and those who needed it got an adjustment.  It was a fun event for us and the kids.

Ordinary doctors lack the training to detect spinal subluxation

Thousands of children receive the benefits of chiropractic care, but thousands of others do not have the advantages chiropractic offers kids because their parents don't know that all children should be checked by the family chiropractor.  Making matters worse, ordinary doctors lack understanding about this most important part of a child's preventive health needs. It's one of those instances where parents must play the role of "health advocate" for their family.

 What Are We Supposed To Do When The Experts Disagree With Each Other?

What happens when big money, the pharmaceutical industry and the medical profession work together?  Unfortunately we know all too well that the country is in a health care crisis and has been for more than a decade.  The problem is complicated, but we know that the solution is not just throwing more money at the problem.  The United States already spends more per capita on health care than most of the other countries of the world combined, yet the World Health Organization (WHO) of the United Nations tells us that not only do we fail to be healthier as a result, we are far behind most other developed countries in our health outcomes.  While popularized television shows herald the great advances in emergency medicine, dramatize forensics, and lead us to believe that science and technology have the answers to all our problems, the reality of medicine falls far short of the fashionable media images we see.

With the costs of medical care exploding while the health outcomes of patients shrinks, even media hype can't stop people from thinking and starting to ask questions.  The medical associations and insurance industry would like us to blame unethical plaintiffs and sleazy lawyers for the health care crisis, saying that the cost of their malpractice premiums is the driving force behind the crisis.  So let's consider that argument for a moment.  No doubt there may be some immoral people who are willing to falsely accuse their doctors of hurting them; and there may be some dishonorable lawyers willing to put doctors on trial.  However, to suggest that most victims of medical malpractice are immoral money grabbers is surely a stretch.  We know that iatrogenic (caused by doctor or treatment) deaths and injuries are not rare, in fact the numbers are so frightening that it almost seems like to report on them is alarmist.  The problem is that this part of the discussion is not being heard.  Making an effort to avoid exaggeration, here's a look at some of the numbers.

What do those numbers suggest about the quality, safety and effectiveness of our health care system?  The magnitude of the problem is staggering and this only looks at the reported unnecessary deaths caused by medical malpractice and errors.  Some writers propose that the numbers would be much higher if the unreported cases were included.

Even the conversation about the health care crisis in the media fails to address the basic issue, poor health care outcomes.  Instead the special interest groups (insurance industry, American Medical Association, and the pharmaceutical industry) have shifted the discussion away from health and focused the discussion on insurance (public or private).  Even a cursory look at the situation will demonstrate that our health care mess is not because we have too little insurance coverage, when just the opposite seems to be true.  We all know that doctors' offices and hospitals have entire departments whose only job is to process insurance claims.  Anyone who has been a patient knows that the charges on these claims tend to be severely inflated; so the insurance companies have people carefully trained to limit payments.  Begin with claims lacking integrity, add a dash of greed and layers of bureaucracy and you have the formula for a system in crisis.  It truly seems unreasonable to expect more insurance coverage to result in healthier people?

All of the above is the backdrop for the latest foray of proposed flu vaccine mandates destined to be worth billions to the medical and pharmaceutical industries.  It also serves to leave us skeptical when we are told to line up like sheep and receive the latest injection fad.  Now add the questions about safety and effectiveness and a thinking person must say, "Not so fast!"  But if a parent or concerned citizen asks, "Where's the proof about safety?  Where's the proof about effectiveness?"  They are likely to hear an intimidating response like, "Don't you care about your children?"  Of course we care about our children, that's why these questions need to be asked.  Unfortunately even questioning can get a person labeled as a heretic.  However, with our children's health at stake we must ask questions.  Doing anything less is like sticking our heads in the sand.

When big money lobbies for immunization mandates we should all raise our eyebrows and ask serious questions.  The controversy over the safety and effectiveness of vaccines has been going on for years and as long as big money is attached it will continue to go on.  While chiropractic has no position on this issue, citizens and parents need to have the facts in order to make educated decisions.  The following link is to the Vaccine Information Center of Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, an Ohio physician, who disagrees with her profession and provides information about the dangers, various injuries and problems associated with Swine flu vaccine, Gardasil® and other controversial vaccine related matters.

It is important to note that the controversy over vaccine safety has nothing whatsoever to do with chiropractic.  Chiropractic removes a major roadblock to our health by correcting vertebral subluxations; and as a result people under chiropractic care are better able to express health naturally.

Another link offering information to parents thinking about their choices when they are told that vaccines are mandatory:

Toastmasters holds 50th Anniversary meeting on May 4th

Local cable television, CN2 was on-hand to cover the event and Dr. Brown was the "Toastmaster of the Day" for this special meeting of the club.  Click the link for a look at the news clip on CN2.

"Competent Communicator" Recognition Received at Toastmasters

Members of Toastmasters improve their confidence, leadership and communication abilities, all while having fun doing it.

On March 16th Linda Robinson and Myron Brown received their “Competent Communicator” Recognition. This milestone represents achievement of a series of defined projects that develop an individual’s confidence, poise and speaking ability.  In the photo below, club President, Bill King (right) poses with the two members receiving their "Competent Communicator," Linda Robinson (center) and Myron Brown (left).  To learn more about the Rock Hill Toastmasters Club: & Robinson receive Competent Communicator

Dr. Brown is available to provide presentations before area groups without charge.

Dr. Brown is available to speak to your club or organization and he welcomes invitations to do presentations before groups. For a list of topics and more information about having him address your group please click here or the Guest Speaker tab at the top of the page.

The Rock Hill City Council appoints Dr. Brown to serve on the "No Room For Racism Committee."

May 2009: Community involvement is important for a lot of good reasons.  Being in chiropractic practice increases this responsibility and as a relative newcomer to Rock Hill, Dr. Brown is very conscious of the importance of participation.  Sometimes this brings one into leadership roles, but he feels this is important to really make a difference in the world.  After all, making a difference is what chiropractic is all about.  While visiting with Ms. Carol Harvey, who works in utility accounts management at City Hall, he asked her for advice on getting to know people and becoming active as a volunteer in the community.  Ms. Harvey was a wealth of information and provided Dr. Brown with several directions that she was aware of where need exists for citizens to become involved.  She made a number of very helpful suggestions including becoming a volunteer with the Catawba Area Coalition for the Homeless.

This committee is one of the various Boards and Commissions which the City of Rock Hill considers essential to its success.  Persons serving on Boards and Commissions are volunteers who have demonstrated their knowledge and commitment to improving the community.  While serving as the academic officer at a chiropractic college Dr. Brown was a member of the Diversity Committee, a group focused on improving the college community and addressing issues that arose as the college dramatically increased its minority enrollment.  To learn how these skills might be useful in Rock Hill he attended the course, "Inside Rock Hill" a 10 week civics course put on by and all about the city.  Asked about the civics course, Dr. Brown had this to say, "It was extraordinary. The City of Rock Hill is to be commended for this exceptional outreach to educate its citizens.  All of the people involved in presenting and facilitating the course are top notch and dedicated.  The information was enlightening and in many ways it was fascinating to learn how much is going on here.  The people of Rock Hill should be proud to know that their city leadership is so comitted and their city employees are so competent."

The No Room for Racism Committee fosters relationships among persons of diverse social, cultural and racial backgrounds and celebrates our common interests in order to create a community where citizens work to overcome racism. This Committee was formed on April 22, 1998.

For more information about Rock Hill please visit the official website:

In December 2009 Dr. Brown returned to Argentina to teach a seminar and to present diplomas at the graduation ceremony for chiropractors receiving their "Diplomatura" from Universidad Siglo 21.  The graduation was the second time chiropractors completed a program of study at this highly regarded university.      As an honorary director of the program, Brown was on hand in Cordoba, Argentina to assist in the presentation of the Diplomatura to the graduates.

Also in Cordoba, the Asociación Quiropráctica Argentina, the national chiropractic association held a 3 day seminar featuring four speakers:  Yvonne Villanueva-Russell, PhD from Texas A & M University presented an analysis of the chiropractic profession and its environment through the eyes of a professional sociologist; Dr. Thom Gelardi, founder of Sherman College discussed the principles involved in a successful practice experience; Licencia Maria Ramonda and staff of her practice presented original research based on demographic data from a large practice in Rosario, Argentina; and Dr. Myron Brown spoke on the philosophy of technique and also presented original research, which has recently been accepted for publication in a peer reviewed journal.

First Chiropractic Seminar in Peru

historic peruChiropractic care is a very new thing in this developing country.  To help bring chiropractic care to the people of Peru a small group of doctors there have organized a professional association.  They invited Dr. Myron Brown to present the first educational seminar to chiropractors in the history of the country.  The  seminar, presented by Brown, focused on the philosophy of chiropractic and its history.  Lima, Peru was the site of this first seminar open to all chiropractors in the country.  Chiropractic is an up and coming profession in this South American country.

The Peruvian Chiropractic Alliance (PCA) organized the first seminar open to all doctors of chiropractic practicing in Peru.  Fifteen doctors of chiropractic participated in the program on the philosophy of chiropractic conducted by Myron D. Brown, DC, who was then serving as the Executive Vice President/Provost.  

Reflecting on the experience Brown said, “The opportunity to work with this dedicated group of serious minded professionals was both stimulating and encouraging.  They are all graduates of accredited North American colleges of chiropractic and as individuals, they hail from several different countries.  However, they share a common thread in their commitment to bring a vertebral subluxation centered service to the people of Peru.”

historic peruUnder the leadership of Dr. Liam Schubel, the Peruvian Chiropractic Alliance focuses on the core values of the profession.  As a pioneering organization, the PCA invited all of the doctors of chiropractic in Peru to attend the program focused on the history and philosophy of the profession.  Although fifteen in attendance sounds like a modest number, it actually represents the majority of known DC’s in the country.  Dr. Schubel expressed his desire to see that high quality vertebral subluxation correction becomes universally available in Peru and his organization has dedicated itself to that goal.  Schubel has become a prominent personality in Lima, appearing on numerous local television and radio shows.




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