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Research at the University of Chicago

Report on research findings that precise adjustments brought major improvements in blood pressure.  These 2 links are televised news coverage about these impressive research findings.


More Research Findings:

Public Safety Personnel benefit from chiropractic with significant improvements in physical assessment findings and self perceptions in health.

This study suggests that public safety personnel benefit in both physical and mental/emotional measures.

A woman whose life was devastated by medications tells about her improvements with specific chiropractic care.

Amazing Discovery Health Channel video

Dramatic Recovery: precision chiropractic care allows champion racer to recover from a severe career-ending injury.  You will see a frightening crash and learn how racing superstar, Tony Schumacher nearly lost his life and was totally disabled.  You will see him receiving a precise chiropractic adjustment and his amazing improvement which allowed him to return to competition.

Another Research study:

Is it really safe to bring children to chiropractors?

To some this question may seem trivial, but it is an important question to ask.  In fact, some adversaries have put out unreliable information challenging the safety of chiropractic for kids.  When one looks at the data, it becomes apparent that chiropractic care is not just safe, but holds an enviable position among the health care sciences for safety.  This is further exhibited by the very low rates charged to chiropractors for malpractice insurance.  If one looks at medical malpractice rates, which are astronomical compared to those paid by chiropractors, we find that in reality chiropractic is a mujch safer route.

More evidence is available in a study published in a peer-reviewed journal at  In this article it was found that young children received care safely in a chiropractic college clinic. The three-year study is particularly noteworthy because it involved thousands of visits with inexperienced student interns providing care. Even in that circumstance, chiropractic care was found to be safe. To read the article click on the following link: Science Direct Vol. 31 Issue 6 July 2008

Chiropractic care for children supported in studies (click below)

Research relating to care for children and pregnant women:

Click here to view studies

ADHD high school student able to get off drugs and resume normal life.

The family can hardly believe the improvements they have seen in their teenager. This TV news spot demonstrates an amazing improvement in this girl, a high school freshmen, who was able to focus clearly without her medication after several months of chiropractic care.

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