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Useful (and in some cases astonishing) information about precise chiropractic care

Not all chiropractic is the same. Precise analysis and adjusting is chiropractic at its best. 

Dr. Brown has practiced and taught upper cervical chiropractic techniques.  Some of the most remarkable chiropractic results have come from precision upper cervical care. 

A personal conversation with one of our practice members

Agnes Greene discusses her background as a Registered Nurse and her experience receiving care in our practice.

Some of the following material contains outside links and we don't necessarily endorse everything they have to say.  We provide the links so you can be the judge.  We have compiled them here for you because you deserve to have information when making health care decisions.

The following video explains what makes upper cervical care so special:

 Families grow with chiropractic

This young mother of four says that chiropractic gave her her life back when years of migraines cleared up after she found her way to precise chiropractic care. 

Without a doubt, Dr. Brown, we'll call him our "Higher Power" directed our path to you, and we are indescribably grateful to him and to you for having our spines under such good care.” – Paul G., Fort Mill, SC

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about a documentary explaining how a person's life and performance are improved when they receive precise chiropractic adjustments.

A longer preview version is available at

Millions of parents have learned the importance of a chiropractic check up for their newborn babies.  All children deserve to grow up expressing their potentials and chiropractic helps them do that.  Click here to learn more about why 68 million parents bring their children to chiropractors annually.

All kids deserve to have chiropractic checkups

Unfortunately, most kid's "doctor" experiences are unpleasant, whether sick care, shots, or simply the intimidating atmosphere of medical facilities. Kids happily learn that chiropractic isn't like that.  If a small child in your house didn't get to start his/her chiropractic care as an infant, then they should be told what a pleasant experience getting checked and adjusted really is. It's one thing for us to tell them that adjustments don't hurt, but to help avoid unnecessary fears you may wish to have your small child watch this short clip in which, Dr. Steve Tillius demonstrates how kids view their adjustments as a safe, fun experience:  

James Tomasi — author of the book What Time Tuesday?

Mr. Tomasi explains in “You Tube” videos how he suffered so long and severely with trigeminal neuralgia (known as "the suicide disease" because sufferers are sometimes driven to suicide as the only way out) that he actually decided to commit suicide.  Mr. Tomasi tells how a precise adjustment saved his life.


For a visit to the Tomasi's web site please click here:

Winthrop University student with Multiple Sclerosis benefits from precise chiropractic care

This young woman, a Winthrop University student majoring in Healthcare Management, expected very little from chiropractic.  However, she was pleasantly surprised to see her health improve and her overall performance in life enhanced after receiving a specific upper cervical adjustment.

Astonishing recovery (blindness) with precise chiropractic care. Dr. Tom Forrest explains:  (Click to view video)

Rhonda Tomasi, wife of James (above) speaks of her own progress under precise chiropractic care.

The Big Idea:  (good for kids) short video shows how the nerve system runs the body

This clip is excellent for school age children to see what the nerve system is all about.  It has interesting graphics and can be interesting to adults, too.  

Good information without a lot of technical jargon.

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