Children learn by example

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Staying well makes more sense than trying to get well

Children learn by example

That's why we always recommend getting checked and having adjustments as a regular part of your family's good hygiene habits.  The same holds true for the other building blocks of good health.  The President's Healthy People 2010 Initiative emphasizes this and urges schools, government offices, corporations and private businesses to all have wellness programs.  Dr. Brown is available to assist any area agency or organization to plan a wellness program for their members and employees.  For more information contact us: Dr. Brown as your guest speaker

Children learn by example

Teach them the value of healthy living by making certain that they receive regular preventive spinal check ups from their chiropractor.  Remember, everyone performs better under chiropractic care.

Is chiropractic safe during pregnancy

This is an important question to ask because ordinary doctors and obstetricians are not trained about the importance of chiropractic care for a pregnant woman.  Many women have reported that delivery was more comfortable owing to their chiropractic adjustments and that they adapted better to their many bodily changes during the pregnancy. This is understandable when we remember that the purpose of chiropractic is improved nerve system function.
Your chiropractor is trained to modify both the equipment and the adjusting procedures to safely, comfortably and effectively adapt to the pregnant woman’s changing needs throughout the pregnancy.

Click this link to see demonstration of a pregnant woman receiving a chiropractic adjustment: Chiropractic During Pregnancy Is Important

Our birthday gift:

Dr. Brown checking a child's spine

Get your baby off to the right start.  Right after having the baby is actually the best time to stop - on the way home - at the chiropractor’s office to get the baby checked.

Clinical experience has shown that babies often suffer vertebral subluxations in hospitals when significant forces are placed on the delicate head and neck of the baby.  Dr. Brown offers a baby's first visit as a courtesy to new parents.  Consider it our birthday gift!'s not about your's not even about your's about your life!




Think more, it's the key to being well

We human beings are an inseparable combination of physical and immaterial substance.  Perhaps one of the greatest shortcomings of the ordinary doctor is a failure to recognize and/or remember this fact when dealing with people's health.  It's one of the root causes of the long-standing "health care crisis in America." While politicians try to solve the problem by changing the insurance systems they really need to face up to the fact that the problem can't be solved with more money. We already spend far more per capita on health care than any other country, yet our health outcomes continue to decline.

In our western culture we have come to recognize that the experts contradict one another on a daily basis and the bottom line is that we realize that we must become responsible for our own health.  That doesn't mean we can't seek and consider what health care professionals have to say, but we have learned the hard way that blindly following their advice is disastrous. Where we used to think that a second opinion would be enough, we now realize that we need third and fourth opinions (especially where drugs and surgery are involved). But it’s really too easy to point the finger of blame at medical arrogance and greed, when in reality our society has enabled the situation. So what’s the right answer? We simply need to recognize the situation, realize that we can't buy health in a pill bottle, and take responsibility for our health as individuals. This web site is one effort to provide information, but it must go much further than that. It really begins with our own thinking process. In seeking resources as a teacher of philosophy, I came across the following link, which is full of useful perspectives on the thought process itself. I recommend a look:  Truth & Reality web site

 Write to someone

Feeling appreciated is one of the strongest human desires.   There is warmth in a handwritten note-it instantly makes the message more personal, creates a more intimate feeling, and makes the recipient feel more valued.  Texting, E-mail and instant messaging say something, but a handwritten note is getting rare and even more special.

A handwritten note costs less than a dollar to write and mail, and the relational value is priceless.  The recipient can keep and reread it forever.

Put positivity in your life

To put this power to work we begin by replacing old negative thoughts with healthy (happy) new ones. Make affirmations (this means telling your own subconscious mind that your life is a positive, healthy experience) because the power of the human brain will work for you negatively or positively.  You get to choose.  This is a remarkable power, but remember the world is full of negativity, so we need to jump start our own positive life through positive thinking.  Try it when you wake up tomorrow morning by telling yourself - in specific terms- what a productive, positive day it will be.  Expect to be pleasantly surprised.

Remove the toxic stuff

Got some new digs to wear? Wash them first! Many clothes are made with toxic dyes that rub off on your skin and can be absorbed into your bloodstream. Wash all your clothes before wearing them. Better yet, buy clothes made with only natural (plant-based) dyes.                   Source:  Mike Adams-The Health Ranger

Don’t lose weight, find health

It may be a good idea to move away from the concept of losing weight.  What most people are seeking anyway is changing size.  Try switching to a tape measure instead of a scale to more accurately measure your progress.  Improving our diet is important but moving the body is essential. Aerobic exercises are ideal for this, they get the heart pumping, raise the metabolism and burn calories.  We should all find an activity that we enjoy, can be performed frequently and integrate into our lifestyle smoothly.  Good news:  walking burns almost the same number of calories as jogging.  Walking is a being weight-bearing activity, with low-impact, which means that there is less risk of injury. Source:

Child’s ear infections healed by her own body

A three year old girl with pain in both ears and hearing loss had 3 unsuccessful implantations of tympanostomy tubes.  Medications also failed to help her.   After the ordinary approaches failed to help, she was examined by a chiropractor who discovered a problem at the top of her neck.  This is not something a pediatrician is trained to detect.  But after having a precise adjustment, she reported an increase in hearing; her mother observed that the child had less ear pain; was less irritable; and had better speech after being under chiropractic care.  Medical audiology reports document her remarkable hearing improvements after receiving an adjustment.  Her pediatrician’s report: A child with chronic recurring otitis media, effusion, bilateral hearing loss and upper neck subluxation reports that her hearing and normal eustachian tube physiology were restored after chiropractic care.  (Editorial note: Children benefit from chiropractic adjustments in many ways.  Who do you know that can be helped with chiropractic?)       Source:

Don’t trash your dog!

We know that loving and caring for a dog contributes to our own health experience.  But please remember, “Dogs are not garbage disposals!”  Some common table scraps can harm pets. For example, bones can have jagged pieces that harm a dog’s intestines.  Surprisingly raw bones are safer for dogs than cooked ones.  Chicken bones are notorious for splintering, especially after they are cooked.   Hunks of fat aren’t good for them and have been known to cause gastrointestinal difficulties. Grapes, raisins, garlic, onions, mushrooms, and chocolate are major canine “No No’s.”   Source:

Oh, and here’s a really great resource for getting and keeping your dog healthy:

What's the best veggie?

Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but consider these facts:  broccoli has lots of vitamins A, K and C and is a rich source of calcium and fiber.  Some even say it helps fight off cancer and vascular diseases.    Whether or not it does, there is little doubt that it is one of the  best veggies out there.  By the way, don’t mess up the good nutrition by overcooking it.

More healthy tidbits

TIDBIT #1  Drink More Water

Are you drinking enough water? Being even just a little dehydrated can cause you to feel tired, weak, dizzy, and headachy, whereas getting enough water can help prevent serious conditions like kidney stones and certain cancers. You've probably heard the traditional nutrition advice that you should drink 8 glasses of water a day. However, this is not completely accurate. According to the National Academy of Sciences Food and Nutrition Board, most men need to drink about 13 cups of fluids a day and most women should aim to drink about 9 cups a day, but that includes juices, milk, smoothies, sports drinks, soft drinks, and even caffeinated and alcoholic beverages that count toward your total water intake. But water itself is the best beverage. It's absorbed quickly, it's calorie-free, and many studies have shown that it has an edge over other drinks when it comes to disease prevention.   Source:

TIDBIT #2 Really Teach Kids About Drugs

The “war on drugs” won’t be won with more money, guns or bigger fences anymore than prohibition ever solved any alcohol problems.  The answer has been there all along, we should educate our kids by setting consistent good examples.      Not with mixed messages like the approval by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) of the drug Lexapro (escitalopram) for use in children, even as the federal government and 11 states have filed a lawsuit against Forest (the manufacturer) for illegally pushing the drug on kids and bribing pediatricians to prescribe Lexapro and a related drug, Celexa (citalopram).  The government also claims that Forest concealed the results of studies showing the dangerous drugs to be no more effective than a placebo!  Antidepressants Lexapro, the 15th biggest selling drug in the U.S., & Celexa have been shown to significantly increase the risk of suicidal thoughts and behaviors in children, adolescents and young adults after even short-term use. The conclusion from all of this is that the FDA may not be worthy of our trust.  Who to trust then?  We all need to use our heads, learn & seek natural alternatives to drugs! Source:

TIDBIT#3  Eating More Veggies is Easy

*Have a V8 or tomato juice instead of a Diet Coke at 3 pm. *Doctor your veggies to make them delicious: Dribble maple syrup (real) over carrots, and sprinkle chopped nuts on green beans.*Mix three different cans of beans and some low fat Italian dressing. Eat this three-bean salad all week. *Don't forget that vegetable soup counts as a vegetable. *Rediscover the sweet potato – yum. *Use pre-bagged baby spinach everywhere: like lettuce in sandwiches, heated in soups, wilted in hot pasta, and added to salads. Source: 100 best tips

TIDBIT#4  Medical Journal Reports Chiropractic Helpful

A survey of 232 people with arthritis and under medical care found 63% responded to the survey by saying they were using some form of "complementary care" (like chiropractic). The most impressive statistic was that 73% of those trying chiropractic found it helpful.  The reasons given why people said they tried the non-medical care was to control pain, because they heard it helps, because it is safe, because it helped someone they know, and their prescription wasn't helping. Source: (Ref. Annals of Internal Medicine)

TIDBIT#5 Positive Affirmations for Better Health:

Say these in front of your bathroom mirror every morning for a few weeks and watch how much better you’ll feel by the time you get to work! (Come on…humor us!) *Every cell in my body is alive with health and energy. *I sleep in peace and wake in joy. *My body is strong and healthy.*Every system in my body functions exactly as it was intended to. *I easily choose to nurture my body with healthy foods. *My immune system is strong and healthy.   Source:

Tanning beds proven to be unsafe

It may be time to re-think or at least think in terms of moderation.

Reporting on the combined analysis of over 20 epidemiological studies, the International Agency for Research on Cancer, in collaboration with the World Health Organization (WHO) of the United Nations has made a strong statement about the dangers of tanning beds.  The agency indicates that the use of tanning beds increases a person's risk of having skin cancer by a staggering by 75%.

Click the following link to read the International Agency for Research on Cancer report:


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